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Project Topics
PWM fed MOSFET controlled street light auto intensity control in 8 steps: White light Emitting Diode(LED) replaces HID lamps by engaging a programmable microcontroller that controls intensity by pulse width modulation duty cycle which enables energy saving during late nights considering low traffic density.
Up and Down controlled speed of DC motor in Embedded System: The speed of motor is directly proportional to the DC voltage applied across its terminals where the voltage is applied to control motor speed with Pulse width modulation wave. Here based on the pulse duty cycle provided by microcontroller the speed and direction of motor are controlled.
Auto power supply control from 4 different sources: Solar, Mains, Generators & Invertors to ensure no break power: The main scope of the project is to consume the power from supply mains, generator, and wind power and solar optimally by using appropriate programmed through microcontroller in most cost effective way.
Remote speed control by thyristor trigger angle change with display of delayed firing angle: Using a standard TV remote with IR sensors interfaced to a micro controller, reads the coded data from the remote to activate the corresponding output pin to change the time delay for the thyristor firing in 8 steps that drives with varying speed the induction motor.
A low cost microcontroller based system high performance AC motor drives: Based on the principle of firing angle control of two thyristors connected in anti parallel is fed for the output to the control circuit. The firing angle would be manually adjusted to maintain the load power in the event of fluctuating AC voltage from high to low and vice versa.
Micro controller based lamp life extender by ZVS (Zero Voltage Switch) using thyristor: Incandescent lamps exhibit very low resistance in clod condition due to which it draws high current, resulting in failure on switching. Engaging two SCRs in anti parallel or a triac the switching on time can be precisely controlled by firing after detecting the zero cross point of the waveform.
Solid-state relay with ZVS properties analyzed on CRO:  A three phase solid state relay that incorporates three single phase units where each phase is controlled individually by a power triac with optional snuber network and an optically isolated triac driver. The zero crossing feature of an opto-islator ensures lower generated noise and avoid sudden inrush currents of load.
Integral cycle controlled AC power without generating harmonics: Integral cycle control is a method to remove portions of full cycles/one cycle of an AC signal for controlling AC power across AC heater loads interfaced to a programmed microcontroller. This process of power control generates 1% THD as against 61% of firing angle control.
High power AC to DC by thyristor firing angle control: DC power is controlled with zero crossing detectors and sending to a microcontroller to fire thyristors using the opto isolator. The ac power is applied to the bridge rectifier compromising of diodes, triacs and SCRs to get manually controlled DC at the output.
Ultra fast acting electronic circuit breaker: The project is to shut down the power supply when it is overload. Conventional circuit breaker is based on thermal bimetal lever trip mechanism is very slow and the trip time is dependant upon the percentage of overload. Here the current sensed from a CT is compared against the preset voltage proportionally to the current by the level comparator to generate an output for the contactor to trip the load.
Automatic irrigation system on sensing soil moisture content: The circuit comprises of sensor parts built using op-amp and are configured here as a comparator. Two stiff copper wires are inserted in the soil to sense whether it is dry. The microcontroller turns the motor ON and OFF based on sensors condition that is dry or wet respectively. Sensor signals are operated with the control of software that is stored in ROM of the MC.
Three phase star delta starter using relays and adjustable electronic timer for induction motor: Star/Delta starters are probably the most common reduced voltage starters in the 50Hz industrial motor world. This project operates a 3 phase motor at 440 volt AC mains supply 50 Hz with a set of 12 volt DC relays, an electronically adjustable timer and a set of relays.
A microcontroller based control of current source converter fed reversing induction motor drive by remote control. Ideal for exhaust fans to throw air out and bring air in by remote as desired: The controller receives the infrared signal from the IR remote, the code of which is identified by the receiver that switches on/off the appropriate relay for the split phase induction motor to achieve desired direction.
Low cost Programmable logic control(PLC) for industrial automation in repetitive nature of work: Objective is designing a microcontroller based programmable time setting by the user through microcontroller architecture loaded with an application program. Switches are provided for set mode, auto mode, manual mode and time change mode. Machines will run based on/off sequentially in auto mode in default time settings or set mode time settings or manual mode depending on the user’s need and flexibility.
Automatic Wireless health monitoring system in hospitals for patients: Monitoring patient health remotely in hospitals over wireless from the patient bed to the doctor’s chamber by RF with LCD display at both ends and optionally an alarm on critical situation.
Precise temperature control for incubators used in hospitals for the pre born child growth: Microcontroller observes temperature readings taken from display unit and compares with the keypad programmed temperature value to control the heater (on/off). Here the controller continuously polls the temperature with certain regular time intervals and displays over the 7_segment display unit for the microcontroller (Intel 8051) to enable the whole operation by executing the program.
Passenger counter in public transport to alert the driver for excess entry: This operation keeps the database of the number of persons entering as well as exiting. 555 timer driven 38 KHz signal from LED’s gets interrupted on to the IR receiver to sense the person entering as well as exiting. This single is fed to AT89C51 micro controller for analyzing and control purpose with LCD displays on the number of person in and out.
Smart card enabled employee identification for security purpose: The project is developed to identify the employers with ID cards over the campus, where a module is provided to read the ID number from card. Whenever card ID number in the card is matched with the inbuilt ID number in the code then LCD display would indicate that the card being accepted with the relay used to enable opening and closing a door after a delay to avoid the next one to enter.
PC managed, home automation system using embedded technology: This project external electrical load applications controlled with the help of PC. PC is connected to microcontroller through MAX 232 level shifter, ULN (Driver) is used to drive the relays for connecting to external devices. DB (RS-232) connector is used to connect to PC com port.
Portable coded wireless message communication between two parties secretly with LCD display: The aim of the project is to send encrypted text message transmitted through RF by using microcontroller and received at receiver which is decrypted by another microcontroller where message is displayed over the LCD display. Transmitter gets data from a standard computer keyboard and encrypts with a private algorithm. At receiver end the microcontroller decrypts it with the same algorithm and displays the data on LCD.
Dynamically changing signal light time allotment in street junctions based on traffic density: The project is to solve traffic congestion by a dynamic and automatic traffic light control system based on the traffic density using appropriate system and hardware. IR sensors across the road used to monitor the length of vehicles blocking the road traffic. The signals from the IR receivers are fed to the microcontroller to follow different time for different level of traffic.
RF controlled by hand help unit, laser beam managed bomb-diffusing robot:  In this RF remote control is used to control a robot that has the advantage of adequate range (up to 200 meters). The microcontroller used here has latched outputs and as such one does not have to keep the buttons on remote control pressed for more time, thus enhancing battery life. A laser beam is actuated after the robot reaches the suspected site on to the object to diffuse the bomb.
Remote controlled domestic appliances control: A typical TV remote sends certain coded infrared data which is then burnt to a microcontroller to drive desired output while same signal is received from an IR receiver interfaced to it. The output from the microcontroller drives the load through relays. All the buttons of the remote can be used for as much number of loads to be operated.
Password based circuit breaker control to ensure electric line man’s safety: Microcontroller based mains circuit breaker on/off arrangement by password controlled such that unauthorized person can never accidentally switch ON the power system for Line man’s safety.
Multiple ON and OFF time programmed industrial load: Time operated Electrical appliance controlling system is a reliable circuit that takes over the manual task of switch on/off the electrical devices with respect of time. It has an inbuilt real time clock (RTC) which tracks over the real time. When this time equals to the programmed time, then the corresponding relay for the device is switched ON. Multiple time programming is also available.
Missile detection by ultrasonic means and activate the destroyer: This ultrasonic proximity detector comprising independent battery or AC powered transmitter and receiver sections make use of a pair of matched ultrasonic piezo ceramic transducers operating at around 40 KHz each. This circuit is used in getting reflected signals from the object ahead to feed that by a program to the microcontroller. Opamps are used to amplify the weak signals received upon reflection by the obstacle by the receiving ultrasonic transducer sent by the transmitting one, to switch on appropriate load.
Street lights that glow for 1/2km only on detecting vehicle movement: Emitting Diode (LED) replaces HID lamps by engaging a programmable microcontroller that controls intensity by pulse width modulation which enables energy saving during late nights considering low traffic density. The pulse width becomes very narrow on sensing no movement of vehicles. As the vehicle forwards, the intensity goes on increasing for few lights ahead, and as it passes away the intensity goes on falling.
Tampered energy meter monitoring conveyed to control room by wireless communication: The main scope of this project is to send message from any tampered energy meter to be received by the control room by means of GSM communication. A message is sent to the number stored in microcontroller to alert the tampering of the meter.
Cyclo converter FOR fundamental, F/2, F/3 using gate controlled thyristors: The induction motor is a constant-speed machine. The difficulty of varying in speed economically constitutes one of its main disadvantages which is overcome by using a thyristor controlled cycloconverter that enables the speed to be lowered in steps by microcontroller triggering a SCR bank of 8nos duly isolated by opto isolators for a F/2 & F/3 achieved by appropriate programmed. F stands for frequency.
Distance measurement by ultrasonic means: This ultrasonic proximity detector comprising independent battery or AC powered transmitter and receiver sections make use of a pair of matched ultrasonic piezo ceramic tranducers operating at around 40 KHz each. This circuit is used in reflected signals from the object ahead to calculate the distance by taking into consideration the velocity of sound by a program fed to the microcontroller.
Portable Programmable Medication Reminder: The project takes care of reminder need of people who forget to take medicine in time. Key pad entry stores the relevant information in an exclusive EPROM with several timings based on a RTC. At the programmed time the message for the medicine is displayed over a 16 digit LCD display together with a buzzer sound to alert the person for taking the appropriate medicine.
Energy meter to indicate billing in rupees for load wise or day wise: Calculate energy details based on the load consumption in rupees and units and displays on a 16X2 LCD duly interfaced with the microcontroller.
User programmable password based hotel room door lock: The microcontroller based door locker is an access control system that allows only authorized person to access a restricted area. The system is fully controlled by the 8 bit micro controller AT89C51 which has a 2Kbytes of ROM for the program memory. The password is stored in another dedicated EPROM which can be changed at any time unlike a fixed one burnt permanently on to the microcontroller.
Power factor improvement by automatically engaging appropriate number of shunt capacitor for inductive loads: The time lag between the zero voltage pulse and zero current pulse duly generated by suitable operational amplifier circuits are fed to two interrupt pins of the microcontroller where the program takes over to actuate appropriate number of relays at its output for bringing shunt capacitors into the load circuit to get the power factor till it reaches 0.9.
Mathematical Manipulation of pure sine wave inverter using microcontroller to develop adaptive PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) under DSP: Using DSP based program using microcontroller for generating sine wave by ‘H’ bridge MOSFET bank for 300 watts output with controlled battery charging and auto change over.
Monitoring Serial communications in MC based Embedded systems using CAN, Control Area Network. Three microcontrollers communicating with each other over pair of wire:  As the number of microcontrollers embedded in a product increases the solution for communication among them preferred serially. The paper describes a message based monitoring tool using the RS232 Rx Tx bus features of the MC to communicate between 3 MCs.
Detecting power grid synchronization failure on sensing out of range frequency or voltage: This paper present the development of a microcontroller based islanding detection for grid connected inverter with very simple under/over voltage and under/over frequency islanding detection algorithms. The microcontroller monitors the under/over voltage and under/over frequency from utility grid and the processed value of voltage and frequency for turning on/off the relay between a grid connected inverter and the utility grid.
A single chip based real-time PWM inverter:  PWN technology is implemented using Signet SG 3524 for switching from 12 volt DC through a half bridge MOSFET (Z-44) power devices connected to the main inverting transformer that delivers the output through a RC filter to get appropriate wave and fairly regulated +- 2% AC output having overload/ over voltage control by crow bar mechanism control.
LED based street light with programmable intensity control using solar power from photovoltaic cells: LED based street light with programmable intensity control using solar power from photovoltaic cells and a programmable microcontroller fed to a Mosfet for varying intensity during late nights automatically with solar charge controller.
SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) for remote industrial plant operations: Supervisor sitting on the PC terminal is able to control plan parameters remotely over Rs. 232 network while monitoring the data acquired through several sensors. The projects uses a front end for the control and a backend with microcontroller interfaced to an ADC from temperature sensors for data collection and control.
Four telephones in parallel but still accessed by only one user at a time to maintain secrecy: This project can be used in houses and offices in which more than one telephone is connected in parallel through a single telephone line. The project is used to connect a maximum of four telephones in parallel. When any one of the phone is lifted, all the other lines are disconnected from the telephone line.
Using TV remote as a cordless mouse for the computer: A typical TV remote sends coded infrared data that is read by a sensor which is then burnt to a microcontroller the output of which shall drive desired operation through serial port connection as conventionally performed by the PC mouse. All the functions are monitored and controlled by the 8 bit microcontroller AT89c52/51.
Human sensed automatic door opening system: Automatic door opening by sensing any approaching human being by piro IR sensors interfaced to a programmed microcontroller that drives a motor through motor driver IC with locked rotor protection system for door operation.
Railway level crossing gate control through SMS by the station master or the driver: Railway level crossing gate motor, controlled by the station master or the engine driver through GSM modem interfaced to microcontroller for deriving an output to drive a relay for the gate motor operation.
GSM based monthly electricity energy meter billing with SMS and display to the user: Domestic electricity consumed is displayed in rupee terms on daily and monthly basis to the user and billing details sent over GSM network from the user to the department for generating the printed bill.
DTMF based remote industrial load and/or agricultural pump control: The main scope of this project is to send digit commands from one cell phone to be received by another cell phone that receives the tone mode commands which are then DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) decoded. The receiving cell phones codes are then fed to a microcontroller which is programmed to recognize those codes for operating any kind of load duly interfaced through relay drivers and relays (or motor driver and motor) as per the sent command from sender’s mobile.
Synchronized traffic junction signaling (Get green signal all-through at any street junction) – A new concept to ease traffic congestion in metros: All the traffic junctions in a main road are synchronized for signal lighting such that the vehicle gets green signal at all the junctions while moving a t a normal speed. This is achieved by interconnecting through Rs 232 protocol all the individual microcontrollers used at each junction to keep tracking and then adjusting the time accordingly so that once the moving vehicle reaches the junction it gets green signal.
Theft intimation of the vehicle over SMS to owner who can stop the engine remotely:  Theft intimation of the vehicle over sms using GSM modem to the owner while unauthorized door entry is made. Owner can send command through his mobile to stop the engine by activating the relay interfaced to a microcontroller alone with the GSM modem used for the purpose.
PID/FUZZY logic control for a brushless DC motor to run at the exactly entered speed: Precise speed entered through a numeric key pad interfaced to a microcontroller maintains the entered speed of a BLDC motor by sensing shaft mounted IR sensors working on a closed loop circuit by a half bridge AC to DC circuit comprising 2 SCRs and 2 Diodes.
Open loop speed control of surveillance camera panning from PC: Using pulse width varying technology so generated by the PC with Rs 232 interfaced through a microcontroller enables the speed control of motor from the PC by a motor driver IC controlled from the microcontroller.
Flash flood intimation over GSM network to the station master: High water level detector interface to microcontroller that outputs a signal to a GSM modem for sending a signal to the station master to direct train driver to stop the train.
RFID guided automatic parking permission for vehicles in cellar at commercial complexes:  RFID card swiped over the RFID card reader by the vehicle driver enables the motor interfaced through the driver IC to the controller to open the gate for vehicle entry.
Sending an SMS for electrical load control that re-sends an acknowledgement of the status: An sms sent through the cell phone to a distant location GSM modem for electrical load interfaced from a microcontroller through relay and relay driver to switch on and switch off the same with acknowledgement sent back to the sender on sms upon  the action taken and the status of the load.
Induction motor protection from single phasing and over temperature: Protecting a 3 phase induction motor from single phasing, and over temperature using sensors interfaced to comparators for disconnecting the motor.
Mobile phone pressed password for home automation door opening: DTMF tones generated by any cell phone are received by an audio sensor interface to DTMF decoder the output of which is fed to the microcontroller that outputs a relay for door lock operation.
Soft start of 3 phase induction motor by using 2 nos. back to back SCRs in each phase:  Here we use 6 no.s of silicon controlled rectifiers in anti-parallel, two in each phase which are phase controlled in a similar manner to a light dimmer, where they are gradually turned on for a part of each cycle to control the voltage by varying the conduction angle of the SCR. Increasing the conduction will increase the average output voltage. By variation of the conduction in angle, the output voltage can be reduced during start.
Precise Kilometer calculation by underground cable fault detector: Feeding a voltage through a fixed set of resistors representing distance in kilometers and resulting varying current fed to a ADC interfaced to a microcontroller outputs the display in kilometers based on current flow at specific fault created by a set of switches for testing purposes.
Three phase fault analysis with auto reset on temporary fault and permanent trip otherwise:  Six number of step down transformers used for forming one star and another delta at the output with a set of switches to inputs LL, LG, 3L fault that triggers a 555 timer in monostable to reset or permanently trip the output relay connected to another 555 timer in stable.
Large digit display of dialed telephone numbers for STD billing centers:  Dialed telephone numbers are picked up by a DTMF decoder to feed to a microcontroller to drive ten numbers seven segement LED display for better visibility.
Single phase induction motor soft start by stepped delay of reducing firing angle: Charge and discharge of a capacitor at the switch on time and generating a saw tooth voltage is then compared by the comparator to reduce the firing angle from 180 degree to 0 degree progressively to achieve soft start of a induction motor.
High voltage DC upto 3Kv from AC by using diodes and capacitors in ladder network: 1000 PIV diodes in combination with 100 MFD electrolytic capacitors forming a ladder network multiples the input AC to develop 12 times approximately DC output.
Closed loop feedback operated motor speed control: This project uses the IR transmitting and receiving technique by reflecting of modulated IR rays from any rotating object such as a motor shaft to send interrupt signal to a programmed microcontroller to enable display of the speed. The display can either be a LCD or simple 7 segment LED type. This becomes a contact less tachometer.
RFID tag based attendance system:  RFID card with details of the employee keep tracking of their attendance while swiped on the RFID reader interfaced to a microcontroller with LCD display for indication.
Automatic Dialing to any telephone using I2C protocol on detecting bulgur:  User programmable telephone number storing by key pad entry enabling auto dial to the police station or the person concerned in the event of robbery.
Auto selection of any available phase, in 3 phase supply system: This project is to provide AC mains supply 230 volt to the single phase load if any of the phases, out of the 3 phases in a house goes missing.
Wireless power transfer: This project is to develop a system of wireless power transfer for pacemaker’s battery charging (An electronic device implanted in body that works in a place of a defective heart valve). Otherwise the patient is required to be operated every year to replace the battery.
Life cycle testing of electrical loads by down counter: A presetable counter with key pad entry that counts down from the set number till it reaches zero with relay operation connected to a load that switches ON & OFF is used for life cycle test of the gadget under test say lamp to determine its life.
GSM based energy meter billing with load control: This project is to develop a wireless energy meter reading and load control. The reading of the energy meter is also sent by to any cell phones by a message through GSM modem which also receives commands from the cell phone to control the electrical loads.
2 phase BLDC motor speed control using FUZZY logic control: This project consists of an input stage, a microcontroller processing stage, and an output stage. The input stage maps sensor to the appropriate membership functions and truth values, processing stage invokes them and the output stage results back into specific control output value.
A PLD (Programmable Logic Device) based BLDC motor operation: This project uses a microcontroller and a EEPROM to store the logic configuration for operation of the motor which is driven by a motor driver IC. The input is set by a set of switches with display.
Stamp value calculator for post office: Calculating the weight of the letters and value by a balancing arrangement is used to control a potentiometer the output of which is fed to an ADC interfaced to microcontroller having a display.
Dish positioning control by stepper motor/geared motor: Programmed microcontroller to enable 180 degree movement of the dish by using a motor for adjustment of the best signal to be received from the satellite.
Hidden active cell phone detector: A 555 timer in mono-stable mode along with a high gain op amp is used to detect Giga Hertz induced signals so produced by an active cell phone with in closer proximity to sound a buzzer alarm.
A low cost long range FM transmitter with audio modulation: A low cost FM transmitter with audio modulation consisting of 106 MHz oscillator circuit, VFO and RF power amplifier connected to an tuned yagi antenna to cover about 5 KM line of site distance or 1 KM by GP antenna.
Railway track security system: This system detects for breakage/crack in railway tracks using line loop current break to sense the same to send interrupt to the controller to send an SMS to the station master through GSM.
Sun tracking solar panel: Microcontroller interfaced to a stepper motor to rotate the solar panel during day, in steps from zero to 180 degrees to track the sun for maximum power delivery (Solar panel not supplied).
Remote Jamming device: The IR rays of standard TV remote frequency at 38 KHz transmitted at a higher intensity to overpower the TV remote signals as they also work  on 38 KHz.
Wireless electronic notice board: The microcontroller receives the message from transmitter through GSM interface to be displayed on the LCD at user end interfaces to the microcontroller.
IR obstacle detection to actuate load:  38 KHz IR signals generated by 555 timer feeding IR diode received by tuned IR receiver generates an interrupt while obstructed to actuate a load.
Automatic dusk to dawn (Evening ON to Morning OFF):  LDR input compared op amp turns on the appliances on through  relay at falling light intensity in evening and off at the morning light.
Rhythm following flashing lights: Sound signals sensed by condenser microphone are amplified to feed to triacs to drive the bulbs or LED via opto isolator to increase or decrease the lamp intensity according to the music level.
Mains operated LED light in string: A string of LED’s are made to operate at 230V AC by series capacitor drop and current limit resistor and then being rectified to DC for maintaining a safe operating voltage for the LEDs.
Thermister based temperature control without micro controller: Negative co-efficient thermister used along with an operational amplifier used as comparator to actuate a relay in the event of temperature going out of range.
Step up 6 volt DC to 12 volt DC using 555 timer: A 555 timer used in astable mode outputs twice the AC from 6 volt DC and then by voltage multiplication to generate 12 volt DC by capacitor charge pump method.
Over voltage or under voltage alert system: Two 555 timer used on window comparator, the output of which gets active LED indication when voltage exceeds or falls the set threshold value.
Object counter with 7 segment display: An IR sensor receives the interrupt pulses to count and send the data to microcontroller for displaying it on 7-segment LED’s.
Incoming phone ring light flasher: Phone line is connected through an opto isolator that drives a relay/ triac through a transistor whenever ring is detected to switch on a 230V lamp to flash in accordance to ring.
Solar power charge controller: A set of comparators used to drive MOSFETs for bypassing the solar panel power in the event of excess charging. Also providing overload and under battery protection to the load used.
Wire loop breaking alarm signal: A circuit using transistors to operate a load used to drive the transistor in to saturation while loop breaks to switch on a buzzer.
Video activated relay to control the load: A circuit using transistors to operate a load whenever a composite video signal from TV is detected at the input.
Touch controlled load switch: A touch sensitive switch with 555 being formed out of a mono-stable arrangement to switch on relay at output to drive any load.
Time delay based relay operated load: The 555 timer based circuit switches the load after certain delay (0 to 20 seconds) which is adjustable by the varying resistance in the RC time constant.
Precise illumination control of lamp: Precise percentage of illumination entered through a numeric key pad is interfaced to a micro controller to maintain illumination of a lamp. The firing angle would be automatically adjusted to maintain the load power to the lamp such that the entered intensity matches the required one.
Becon flasher using microcontroller and PWM fed MOSFET: Slow flashing of LED lamps at one second interval for becon light warning system at sea shores.
Industrial drafting fan in stepped speed control using BLDC: Eight step control of BLDC motor speed by microcontroller fed MOSFET for meeting industrial needs.
Discotheque light stroboscopic flasher: Cluster of high power LED replacing stroboscopic light flasher driven by microcontroller controlled solid state power switch.
Automobile head light lamp intensity dimmer to control glare: 12 volt, 10 watt automobile lamp dimmer by varying pulse width signal.
Auto selection of Fan available from multiple supply sources: Un-interrupted supply to critical cooling fans from any available supply source.
High power AC lamp flasher for aviation obstruction indication purpose: Aviation obstruction lamp flasher from AC source to warn air crafts for possible crash.
Random on/off of lamps to deter burglars for locked houses: Automatic switching on/off of lamps at random intervals in locked house to deter burglar attempt.
Display turn table speed control for shops: Low speed synchronous AC motor with programmed speed control in four steps using microcontroller and thyristor.
Laser beam controlled garage door opener: Hand held laser light beam sensed door opener using microcontroller from a long distance.
TV remote operated curtain closer/opener: Synchronous motor operated either direction movement of curtains remotely by standard TV remotes in commercial complexes.
Automatic washing machine control with manual override: Sequential operation of washing machine having programmable time for each operation and manual also operation alternatively.
Transformer temperature monitoring by wireless to control room: Temperature rise of distribution temperature sent over RF on real time basis to the control room for appropriate action.
Temperature warning system for nuclear plants: Early warning alarm system of temperature rise in Nuclear plants to avoid future disasters.
Overload alarm warning system in a passenger lift with number of occupant indication: 2 digit 7 segment LED display of occupants, driven from microcontroller along with warning system on excess people in a lift.
Smart card based door security system: Security area authenticated entry system by individual smart card identification and reading system.
PC based wireless notice board: Text message from a computer keyboard attached to a microcontroller is encrypted with LCD display to have decrypted message at receiver end all controlled by bidirectional RF communication.
Password based jail chamber gate operation by motor: Numeric keypad interfaced microcontroller to sense exact password for door opening and closing in high security area.
Automatic bell system for schools/colleges: Period over class room bell system for each period using microcontroller and real time clock.
Automatic gate opening system for parking lot: Sonar sensor based microcontroller controlled parking gate opening system for automatic entry at the gate.
Time operated motor control with LCD display: Specific timed programmed pump motor operation by microcontroller based RTC, real time clock.
Password based secured area entry with wrong attempt alarm: Password stored in dedicated EEPROM by user entry keypad is used to lock or unlock the door, by a motor and an alarm is sounded in case of wrong password attempt.
Lagging and leading power factor display in industrial environment: Display of lagging and leading power factor by measuring the time difference between voltage and the current in AC circuits.
CAN based security system: Message based monitoring tool using the RS232 Rx Tx features of the MC to communicate between 3 Microcontrollers, one for input, one for display and the other for some load in CAN protocol.
Movement sensed burglar alarm system: PIR controlled microcontroller based movement detection system with auto alarm generation.
Cell phone/landline operated alarm system for help in case of emergency: Cell ph0one controlled microcontroller based assistance system for multiple needs.
Automatic locking system in case of burglary with intimation to police station: GSM modem interfaced microcontroller based automatic door locking incase of forced action with SMS to the designated police station number.
PC based light intensity control: Serial port controlled PWM based light intensity monitoring system for PC.
SMS based intimation and calling over GSM network for emergency assistance: GSM modem interfaced microcontroller based automatic message display incase of forced action with SMS to the designated emergency number.
RFID security access control system: RFID card to reader to read the data present on the card and compares the same to match the built in data for status display and unlocking the door.
GSM based supervisory control and status acquisition of industrial loads: Mobile message sent to another SIM loaded GSM modem interfaced to microcontroller to drive relay to control the home appliances with a confirmation upon the status of the load.
Cell phones/landline based circuit breaker: Remote controlled, password based circuit breaker for industrial load protection.
Soft start of 3 phase induction motor by using 2 no.s back to back SCRs in each phase (using lamps only): Understanding soft start of IM by watching the lamps connected in place of the 3 phase motor from low voltage low intensity to full voltage full intensity at the time of start.
RFID based passport details: Identifying the passport holder through data stored in RFID card by retrieving the same through a reader duly interfaced to the microcontroller by a LCD display.
Password protected bank locker system with intimation to the owner through cell phone/landline: User programmable telephone number storing by key pad entry enabling auto dial to the person concerned in the event of robbery.
Induction heating by high frequency power output: 25 KHz power generation for a very low impedance coil to work as instant induction heating for medical sterilization applications.
Three digits preset counter warning system for limit cross operation of industrial loads: A countdown timer with programmable features for meeting industrial load schedule maintenance.
Hall effect sensor based speed measurement of DC motor: Hall effect controlled microcontroller based non contact type speed measurement system and display.

Robotic Based Projects

A land rover remotely controlled by hand held IR transmitter: It is a Robot that can move through any path by IR control and while it senses the infrared signals from a handheld TV remote. The receiver is interfaced to a microcontroller to drive motors for its movement.
IR controlled sage Robot: Land rover robot that moves by hand held TV remote infrared based, being driven by a set of 2 motors duly interfaced through motor driver IC.
Line following Robotic vehicle that does not require any microcontroller interface or program: An array of two pair of photo sensors comprising IR transmitter and photo diode is fitted in front of the car to detect a black path as well as any turns in the path. By reading the outputs from each of the two sensors, darlington pair of transistors is biased. Two DC motors are connected to the collector of the transistor TIP122. The motors are able to turn the steering left or right, depending on what logic signal the sensor sends.
Cell phone operated Robotic vehicle: Robotic vehicle that can be operated from any where using cell phone sent commands. Once the contact is established over dialing the cell phone mounted on the robotic vehicle it accepts the tone commands thereafter for the operation of the vehicle.
Cell phone operated Saga Robot: Digit commands from one cell phone sent to another cell phone mounted on the robot to receive the DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) mode commands to feed to a microcontroller, to operate 2nos DC motors through motor driver IC for any direction movement.
War field land rover that alerts on sensing planted land mine: Wirelessly controlled land rover mounted with metal detecting sensors to generate alarms on sensing planted land mine. The movement is wirelessly controlled by a hand held RF transmitter to send commands to the RF receiver mounted on the land rover.
War field sage Robot that alerts on sensing planted land mine ahead:  Remotely controlled robot using RF mode with encoder and decoder duly interfaced to a pair of microcontrollers for movement and metal detection by a metal detector (Land mine detector) being actuated after the robot reaches the suspected site.
Bomb displacing Robot with tension controlled soft catching arm: A moving Robot control wirelessly to reach the suspected bomb site to relocate the bomb at different place while handling the same carefully by a soft catching arm duly controlled by interrupt monitored motor to avoid extra pressure on the suspected object for safety reasons.
Wireless operated Fire Extinguisher vehicle with water jet spray: Fire extinguisher vehicle loaded with water tanker and pump controlled remotely over wireless to throw water jet to the fire. The movement and the pump control are wirelessly controlled by a hand held RF transmitter to send commands to the RF receiver mounted on the fire extinguisher vehicle.
War field spying Robot with night vision wireless camera: A RF based moving vehicle mounted with wireless night vision camera controlled remotely over wireless to send real time pictures of enemy activities in war field. The movement is wirelessly controlled by a hand held RF transmitter to send commands to the RF receiver mounted on the moving vehicle.
Line following Robotic vehicle using microcontroller interface: Using IR reflected light falling on photodiodes form as input to IP parts of MC to drive a robotic vehicle motor through motor driver IC in a specified black path by reflection from the white surface and then by disabling any one motor in the event of reflection being stopped while going away from the black path to take turn till the reflection resumes.